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  Industrigata 36
Postnr./by   0357 - Oslo
Telefon:   +47 22 46 40 45
E-post:   post@purnorsk.no


Man - Fre: 10.00 - 18.00
Torsdag: 10.00 - 19.00
Lørdag: 10.00 - 16.00


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In 2006 Pur Norsk opened its doors and many asked if there were enough Norwegian products to fill up an entire store. Six years later the shop at Bislett was way too small. On October 8th the entrepreneurs Lien and Altern Halvorsen could welcome old and new customers to 200 square meters in Industrigaten 36 in proximity to Oslo´s most busy shopping street.

Pur Norsk

Pur Norsk has been the only store in the country to collect iconic and new Norwegian design under the same roof. With twice the floor size of the former store, there is room for a broader range of products such as sofas from LK Hjelle and a re-launch of the Pop Corn chairs designed by Svein Ivar Dysthe. Designers like Liv Refsdal and London based Marte Frisnes enrich the gift line with their jewellery. This Autumn Pur Norsk extend their own product range with the shelf system ”Abel” and the table ”Anna”.

Pur Norsk

”We rest assured that a design store with only Norwegian products is a valuable contribution to Norway´s biggest shopping street. We have stayed true to our belief that there is a market for Norwegian design. We are thrilled to showcase the very best of Norwegian quality products to both our country men and tourists from all over the world” say the two Pur Norsk founders, Marianne Lien and Lasse Altern Halvorsen in a statement.


- From October 8th 2012 Pur Norsk is situated in Industrigaten 36.
- Pur Norsk is a pure Norwegian design and gift store.
- In 2008 Monocle voted Pur Norsk one of top 5 interior stores in the World.
- All products are either Norwegian by idea, design or production.

- Pur Norsk web shop was launched in 2006 and has supplied national customers Norwegian quality products ever since.
- Pur Norsk was founded in 2006 by Marianne Lien and Lasse Altern Halvorsen.


Pur Norsk

Pur Norsk

Pur Norsk

Pur Norsk

The shop is located at Industrigata 36 at Majorstuen in Oslo.

Our online store www.purnorsk.no only ship to addresses in Norway, but we hope that you will visit our shop in Industrigata during your next stay in Oslo.